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Health and well being fibers

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European health and well being fibers



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Dust mites : a real health problem
Nui Zen anti dust mite

Dust mites are microscopic spiders that develop and proliferate mainly in the filling of quilts, pillows and mattresses where they can find heat, moisture and nutriments. More than 80 % of dust mites (present in house dust) develop in the filling of bed linen.

Dust mites involve allergens which can create skin reactions (dermatitis), rhinitis and other serious allergies such as asthma (70 % of asthmatic cases in children). The World Health Organizations has classified allergies as the 6th rank of serious illnesses. According to countries, 10 % to 30 % of the population are affected by allergies.

Nui'Zen aromatherapy fibers for fiberfill applications - healthy fibers

Many allergists confirm that a one-off treatment (cover sheet fabric treated anti-dust mites), consisting of the prevention of dust mite growing only, is not sufficient since only a few pairs of dust mites can create enough allergens enough to cause an allergy.

A sole solution : eradicate all dust mites and prevent any infestation
One target : the core of the bed-linen

The producer grafted an anti-dust mites molecule onto a polyester fiberfill designed for pillows, quilts, mattresses. This effective and long-lasting treatment stops all dust mite infestation in bed linen.

dust mite in bed linen
picture of family

Efficiency of Nui’Zen anti dust mites fibers

efficiency of Nui Zen

95 % mortality at 8 days
100 % mortality at 4 weeks
100 % mortality at 6 weeks and more
Tests carried out by TEC French specialized laboratory.

Durability of Nui’Zen anti-dust mites fiberfill
Pillows containing Nui’Zen anti-dust mites fiberfill have been tested after 10 washings at 60°C and the anti-dust mites efficiency is still confirmed.


Composition and presentation

composition and presentation of Nui Zen hollow fibers for bed ware


Introduction rate and applications

30 % minimum in the filling of bed linen items (quilts, pillows, mattresses, cushions…)

Nui Zen certificate


The new Nui’Zen anti dust mite fiberfill product meets fully the requirements of the new European Biocide Guideline (n° 1896/2000 article 16 of guideline 98/8 CE).

• Non-toxicity of the components.
The Pasteur Institute of Lille confirms the full non-toxicity of the active molecule (Permethrin 25/75) through the toxicological valuation of textile surfaces impregnated with Permethrin.

Binding and reticulating agents
Such agent are currently used in many dyeing processes and do not present any risk of toxicity, as confirmed on the technical and security data sheets supplied by the producer.

• Harmlessness of the finished anti dust mite fiber.
A toxicological valuation of the fiber is pending (Biomatech laboratory). In vivo tests of irritation and sensitization are to be carried out according to the international norms ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10

Nui’Zen anti
dust mites fiberfill is non allergic and non toxic



Tracking at each manufacturing step is guaranteed by a numbered label on every item.


Nui Zen fibers for well beingAroma therapy with Nui Zen fibers for your well being


Technology and nature for well-being

Nui’Zen aromatherapy fibers are polyester fibers onto which microencapsulated essential oils have been grafted . They are composed of hollow polyester dedicated to bed linen fiberfill in order to maintain their resilience and lightness.



Essential oils are well-known for their different advantages : calming, antiseptic, sedative, relieving congestion… Essential oil exhalations have positive effects on our moods and thus can help us to cope with discomfort, stress, insomnia phenomena and bring a well-being to our day-life.

microfiber picture



The producer grafted microencapsulated essential oils onto fiberfill.

applications of Nui Zen




presentation of Nui Zen fibers for your well being


Rate of introduction

Nui’Zen aromatherapy fiberfill can be used in blend with any other regular fiberfill. 20 to 25 % are necessary in the final blend, depending on the filling process (blowing, carding…)




Essential oil exhalations are progressively and discreetly released after pressure or rubbing onto the bed linen (pillow, quilt…)
It is possible to wash up to 5 times bed linen containing Nui’Zen aromatherapy fiberfill (sensitive wash cycle, low temperature).




availability of Nui Zen

Nui’Zen is also a full range of health fiber with Nui’Zen anti dust mite fiberfill for full protection against dust mite in bed linen.




yarns and

antibacteria fibers





from R-Stat

The fibers are composed either of polyamide 6.6 (nylon) or of high tenacity polyester with a layer 0.2 microns thick of conductive copper sulphide fused by chemical process into the outer skin of the fiber. The antibacterial properties of the fibers are connected with the presence of copper on their surface.

Antibacterial mechanism

The copper ions escape very gradually from the fiber and fix themselves onto the Thiol (SH) groups of the enzymes in the membrane of the bacterium. Thus they affect its metabolism, inhibit its respiratory capacity and prevent it from multiplying.

The antibacterial activity is called “bacteriostatic” as it prevents bacteria from developing without eradicating them totally. It would be indeed harmful to deprive the human body of bacteria it needs to survive. The bacteriostatic activity is the opposite of the bactericidal activity that kills bacteria in their whole.

Nylon and Polyester fibers combine:

• durable antibacterial properties
• an excellent and permanent electrical conductivity : 10 4 ohm/cm to 10 5 ohm/cm
• excellent textile properties



Applications of Nui Zen fibers

  Introduction rate

Nui Zen bobbins








Nylon and Polyester fibers should be used in a blend form. Generally 2 % to 3 % are sufficient in a textile material to grant it antibacterial properties.

Resistance / permanence

Nylon and Polyester fibers were subject to series of washing tests. Laboratories such as Institut Pasteur of Lyon or BTTG of Manchester demonstrated there is no degradation of the antibacterial properties after 25 washings of the fibers.

In fact, when the Nylon and Polyester fiber is introduced into a blend at a rate of 2.5 %, there is no loss of performance of antibacterial properties even after 50 industrial washings at 70° C.

The fibers do not contain any other products in such a quantity that a risk of toxicity could occur.



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