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Rhovyl antibacteria chlorofiber
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Antibacteria chlorofibers from Rhovyl

Types of Rhovyl fibers

Rhovyl cotton blends Rhovyl wool blends Rhovyl ON for insulation Rhovyl UP flame retardant Rhovyl FR Rhovyl VP

Rhovyl cotton

Rhovyl wool

Rhovyl On for insulation

Rhovyl Up for sportswear

Rhovyl FR flame retardant

Rhovyl VP

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antibacterial chlorofibers from Rhovyl - Rhovyl'As


On the market since October 1997, Rhovyl'As® antibacterial is an innovative fiber containing an antibacterial substance. The bacteriostatic agent is integrated in the heart of the fiber and prevents the development of bacteria that form during any bodily activity.



  • Long lasting antibacterial effectiveness that will not wash out.
  • An easy care product.
  • Antibacterial effectiveness is guaranteed, ensuring improved hygiene, comfort and coolness that are augmented by the properties of heat regulation and moisture transfer that leaves the skin dry and healthy.



Bedding, child care articles, underwear, lingerie, socks, hand knitting yarn…



  • Supporting and restraining articles
  • Para-medical articles
  • Filters



anti-bacterial Rhovyl chlorofiber for bedding
anti-bacterial Rhovyl chlorofiber for quilts, pillows, blankets, undersheets

anti-bacteria Rhovyl As fiber for bedding

The properties most needed for really hygienic and comfortable bedding are: thermal insulation, non-flammability, antibacterial effectiveness, anti dust-mite action. Rhovyl developed two fibers with these advantages: Rhovyl'As® antibacterial and Rhovyl'A.S.+®.

The natural non-flammability derives from the basic polymer used and provides effective protection from fire risks caused by negligence with a cigarette or a lighted match, or other dangers.

These two fibers are also the right answer where warmth and perfect protection from the cold are required along with good evacuation of natural moisture. They also prevent the development of bacteria thanks to the antibacterial agent introduced into the core of the fiber before extrusion. Finally, Rhovyl'A.S.+® eliminates in 8 days the dust mites that are the cause for most allergies.

Thanks to the strong bonds between molecules of the polymer and the antibacterial and anti dust-mite agents, Rhovyl'As® antibacterial and Rhovyl'A.S.+® fibers retain their properties, even after frequent washings. This efficiency has been tested by independent organizations.


Rhovyl'As® antibacterial and Rhovyl'A.S.+® can be used directly by blown carded laps or bubble stuffing for articles of bedding. They are also suitable for mattress covers and under sheets, either knitted or non-woven. They are very good for making sheets, continental quilts coverings and pillow cases. The great names in bedding markets are already showing their confidence in Rhovyl® fiber: Willefert, PEG, Faratex, Platt & Hill…

anti-bacterial Rhovyl chlorofiber for child care
anti-bacterial Rhovyl chlorofiber for baby nest, bed covers, cot bumper, toy, safety roll, play mat

antibacterial Rhovyl A.s. chlorofibers for children wear and toys


Rhovyl has developed a range of fibers adapted to babies' needs to wrap them in softness and warmth.

Rhovyl'On®: perfect insulation against cold

Rhovyl'Coton®: extreme softness and natural skin breathability

Rhovyl'As® antibacterial: well being and long lasting healthy comfort

Rhovyl'A.S.+®: gets rid of the dust-mites and prevent the development of bacteria


Some references:
Remond, Sucre d'Orge, Baby Calin…

anti-bacterial Rhovyl chlorofiber for underwear, socks, fleece, shoe liners


Warmth, softness and comfort are among the qualities that make Rhovyl® fiber such an essential part of the world of underwear. Rhovyl provides a product range that answers the needs and requirements for everybody at every moment in the life.

  • Rhovyl'On® for warmth; wear it for gardening, DIY or winter walks.
  • Rhovyl'Coton® for extreme softness; to be worn under a shirt when working.
  • Rhovyl'As® antibacterial to prevent the development of bacteria and to give the benefit of increased freshness throughout the day.



Technique and comfort are the key words for Rhovyl® fibers used in hosiery. These characteristics blend happily with other fibers to respond most accurately to the requirements of the end users.

• Rhovyl'Laine
® for an excellent warmth
• Rhovyl'Coton
® for fineness and lightness
• Rhovyl'As
® antibacterial for a safe comfort and a durable freshness



anti-bacterial Rhovyl chlorofiber for hosiery

Comfort and performance are among the qualities that make Rhovyl® fibers so essential to the sports world. Rhovyl offers a range of products that meet the requirements of sportsmen for technical clothes that are comfortable, warm and breathable.

  • Thanks to Rhovyl'Up®, "The breathable fiber", everyone practicing sports can forget about cold, wet and sweat. For clothing, underwear and socks, Rhovyl'Up® is a synonym for maximum dry warmth and comfort whatever the atmospheric conditions and the intensity of effort.
  • Rhovyl’Laine®, socks for skiing and trekking keep sportsmen comfortably warm and dry in all circumstances.
  • Rhovyl'As® antibacterial fiber is particularly well adapted for socks, for it gives effective protection against the development of bacteria. Moreover, it is possible to combine the antibacterial fiber Rhovyl'As® antibacterial with Rhovyl'Laine® or Rhovyl'Up® to enjoy the benefits of both fibers. This helps sportsmen to enjoy their favorite activities in a cool world with long lasting comfort.



Polar knits offer high performance protection against cold and flames.
Advantages :

  • Thermal insulation and moisture evacuation for comfort.
  • Non-flammability for protection garments.

The Rhovyl'Laine® antibacterial polar knits provide an exceptional thermal insulation. This knit is ideal for making garments that conform to the EN 533 standard for clothing with limited flame spread (class 3). In fact, the Rhovyl'Laine® antibacterial blend stops flame spreading and holes forming as flame nears.
The Rhovyl'Up® antibacterial polar knit provides good thermal comfort and optimum moisture evacuation to keep clothing dry and protected from bacteria. Moreover, it conforms to the EN 533 standard (class 1) in stopping the spread of flame.

The antibacterial agent introduced into the core of the Rhovyl® fiber limits the development of bacteria that cause bad smells and skin irritations. This antibacterial property is permanent and stands up to repeated washing. Sweaters, blousons and parka linings can be made from these two products for the use of the police services and the armed forces.
Partners: Simtex, Lanificio Becagli, Lantor…



Rhovyl® fake furs offer high performance protection against cold and flames. They also give an excellent breathability.

They can be used in hosiery with Rhovyl'As® antibacterial especially in shoe and slipper inner sole.

Parkas and linings of blousons can also be made with Rhovyl® fake fur.

According to the blend, products made with Rhovyl® fake fur conform to the EN 533 standard (level 1 or 3)

Partners: Silac Chaignaud, Cailleton, Peltex, Tournier, Lanificio Becagli, Lanificio Nello Gori, A/S Möre

Rhovyl'As for Hygiene productsRhovyl'As for Hygiene products

Rhovyl'As for Hygiene products


Because the hygiene and the well being are consumers' priorities, Rhovyl has integrated a bacteriostatic agent in the heart of the fiber and prevents the development of bacteria which form during any bodily activity. This long lasting antibacterial effectiveness that will not wash out, is augmented by the properties of heat regulation and moisture transference that leaves the skin dry and healthy. Rhovyl'As® antibacterial is specially conceived to prevent the development of bacteria and help to improve comfort and hygiene.

Softness, suppleness, resistance and power of absorption are essential qualities for the making of para-medical articles (incontinence panties, knee bandage, umbilical bandage).


Rhovyl chlorofibers for filtration


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