An exceptional Growth

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An exceptional growth

fabric.jpg Since the invention in 1941 of the spinning of terephtalate of ethylene glycol, commonly known as polyester fiber, the company SETILA has manufactured many hundreds of thousands of tons of the product in all its forms in its various European factories.

Production started first in France in the 1950’s, followed by Germany, Switzerland, Spain and finally Brazil.

In comparison with other textile fibres, polyester filament has enjoyed some strongest annual growth in the world.

World-wide consumption has increased from 2.1 million tons per annum in 1981 to 3.4 million tons in 1990. By the year 2000 this is expected to reach 7 million tons. This remarkable growth is due essentially to the many different end-uses polyester filament can be used in. To put this in context, about 40 million tons of textile fibres are consumed every year throughout the world : of these, half are natural fibres (e.g. cotton, wool), and half are synthetic (e.g. polyester, polyamide) or artificial (e.g. acetate, viscose) fibres.

Polyester has become a fashion item. It occupies a prominent position in fashion magazines and several of the top couturiers feature it regularly in their collections.




During the manufacturing process, polymer is heated to 285ºC
and pumped under pressure through a spinneret. After cooling,
the filaments are wound together on to a tube. The resultant product is a bobbin of polyester yarn made up of very fine individual filaments varying in number from 1 to 270. This operation is carried out at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour, which is the optimum speed to achieve high quality yarn.

Additionally, according to the subsequent end-use, SETILA can offer its customers yarn wound directly on warp. For this, several thousand ends of yarn are assembled together onto a single metal beam, which means that weaving looms or knitting-machines can be supplied directly with yarns of absolute uniformity in size and in other characteristics.



Little by little, SETILA has concentrated its production on its two most productive sites in order to meet ever more lively international competition.
Thus the factory at Valence (France) produces some 20,000 tons per year of filament yarn for textiles, half of which is semi-drawn yarn (POY) for texturizing and drawing, and the other half new technology flat yarns.

Innovation and Quality



In the world of fashion, if there is one fundamental concept, it is that of creativity. Laboratories and pilot spinning and drawing plants have been installed to equip teams of technicians and researchers with the means to conceive and develop yarns with ever more desirable attributes. To assist in this, engineers are working constantly to optimize the productivity and reliability of the machines and the production processes.

Moreover, SETILA is fully committed to the application of "Total Quality", which has enabled each of its sites to achieve ISO 9001 certification, the most demanding of the quality assurance norms awarded today.



SETILA attaches particular importance to the care of the environment and observes an especially rigorous policy in this area. Thus, the company only uses materials which are completely recyclable.

This commitment has enabled SETILA to be awarded the Oeko-tex label for the polyester filament yarns made in all its factories : this award is limited to those companies who use products which represent absolutely no danger to the environment. The label is more than a reward, it is a recognition of merit which we are very proud of.



For SETILA, the main priority is to be considered by its customers as their partner not just today but everyday. To reinforce the efforts of the sales team, there is a marketing team who analyses the needs of the market at the retail and consumer levels.
Its findings are passed to our customers through our textile development service.

SETILA is made up of men and women, who are dedicated to their profession and proud of its history, and who are making every effort to ensure its future with spirit and determination.


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